Working with freelancers?

Whether you work with just a few freelancers or hundreds you need to make sure they have the tools and resources they need to do the job but with the minimum hassle. Onboarding new freelancers and removing others is a constant drain on resources.

Web Apps are a good solution to distributing the tools that freelancers need but they have limitations. They are complex to develop, rarely have the features or performance of PC applications and you need to provide backend servers for the backend software. PC applications on the other hand are expensive and difficult to deploy to large numbers of freelancers with either dongles or software licences.

yellaUmbrella’s Nebula and Stellar systems provide a ready made solution that avoids these drawbacks.

Nebula provides a comprehensive media file processing toolset to automate all the back office functions of transcoding, encoding, extracting and checking etc.

Stellar provides configurable user applications for reviewing, editing or authoring all forms of timed text; subtitles, captions, AD, transcripts and metadata.

Combined Nebula and Stellar provides flexible solutions for onboarding and provisioning any number of freelancers anywhere, anytime without having to provide any backend servers or develop complex web apps yourselves.


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By yellaUmbrella