Yella Umbrella are proud to be sponsers of Media for All 10

as well as presenting a paper in the conference sessions.

In conjunction with Signapse we will be talking about:


At Home Signing: Increasing Accessibility forAudiovisual Contentby Enabling the Recording of Signing Tracks in anon-studio environment.


Stellar provides a full range of features for Subtitling, Audio Description and Dubbing creation. Just like in the case of dubbing where the original audio is replaced with a translated audio version in the target language, or subtitling where the audio is being transposed into on screen text, signing provides an extra layer of accessibility by enhancing the original video with a sign language overlay.

Stellar is based on a pluggable architecture which easily allows for the addition of video recording capabilities. As a result, signers would be able to record signing tracks from the comfort of their own home without the need of for a highly specialized studio environments. Once the original video signing snippets have been recorded, they can then be adapted based on the broadcaster’s requirements.

Signapse provide a new technology based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) which allows the use of the original home-made signing videos and transform them into videos which are based on  professionally recorded signers. (sign language to sign language ‘translation’).

Once the signing videos have been converted, Stellar would allow the users to adjust, preview and mix into an output as a full studio quality image.

Together we believe that this approach would increase accessibility to audio-visual media for the deaf community both by allowing more quality signed content for current budgets, but also would allow almost any signer from almost anywhere in the world to produce a studio quality signed video.

We will also be exhibiting the full range of Nebula and Stellar tools for subtitling, captioning, audio descriptiom voice-over, dubing and all forms of timed text and metadata.

Come and see us at the Conference or Contact Us to arrange an online demonstration.

From Mr. Neb and
everyone at Yella Umbrella.