Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson Voices added to Stellar



Yella Umbrella announces the addition of Microsoft and IBM computer voices to the Stellar Timed text and audio tools. Microsoft and IBM bring an additional 440+ voices in 140 languages or dialects to the existing 400+ voices from Amazon, Google, Acapela and Cereproc.

The continued improvement in the quality and controllability of computer generated (synthetic) voices over the last few years has been astonishing. It is now possible to control the style, speed and pitch of synthetic voices, and, in some cases, to have detailed control over prosody and intonation.

Synthetic voices can now be used for audio description, spoken subtitles and in some cases voice-overs and dubbing applications.

Yella Umbrella are committed to providing the best tools for media localization and access services.


Come and hear them at IBC or Contact Us to arrange an online demonstration.


From Mr. Neb and
everyone at Yella Umbrella.

IBC 2022 – Pods P01 & P02 – in the walkway between Halls 7 & 8

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