Cloud based Task Management System added to Stellar


Yella Umbrella will be demonstrating the new cloud based Task Manager as part of their Stellar toolset. Used in conjunction with the Stellar timed text and audio tools, the Task Manager provides the delivery, assignment, security and tracking of subtitling, audio description, voice over and dubbing Tasks.

Create a Task, with video, audio, text files and instructions and assign it to any user of the Stellar software, anywhere in the world. Task Manager support high level digital encryption (DRM) second factor authentication (SMS or email) and customised media spoiling.

Task Manager can track the progress on any task by any user, and all work done is synchronised to cloud storage, in real time.

Centralising the storage, distribution and tracking of all Tasks leads to significant time saving and cost reductions. No more emailing files or use of file delivery software. Automatic media ingest and upload options available to further speed up the process of starting a new Task.

Task Manager can be provided either as a shared cloud system from Yella Umbrella or as a private cloud system for larger customers.

More Information Here.

Come and have a look at IBC or Contact Us to arrange an online demonstration.


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everyone at Yella Umbrella.

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