Release of Stellar V6.3 

Wth voice morphing from Respeecher and new synthetic voices from Eleven Labs

On Sunday 10th March , Yella Umbrella released version V6.3,  a major update for our Stellar AD, Dubbing and  Subtitle Timed Text editing tool.

As well as the large range of text to speech voices we are very happy to now support Respeecher’s voice to voice tools. This amazing voice morphing technology allows a voice actor to record their lines with timing, emphasis and style. Then Respeecher morphs their voice into a different voice while maintaining all of the timing, style and emphasis of the original. This technology opens up many new opportunities; one actor can speak multiple parts or multiple actors can produce identical output for continuity.

There is a new Synthetic Voice control interface in Stellar to select and adjust the voices you use and how they sound. We have added another synthetic voice supplier to Stellar. ElevenLabs provide some very high quality voices with a range of controls so you can adjust exactly how the voice sounds. The Microsoft Azure voices offer a range of speaking styles on some voices such as whispering, angry or cheerful. You can now select the speaking style and adjust it as you go so that different sections by the same voice have different speaking styles. Learn more here

Do you want to add your own custom voices? Both Respeecher and ElevenLabs support custom voices. This means you can record your own voice and then use it to generate new audio. – If you are interested please contact us to discuss the options..

Now that Stellar supports over 4,000 synthetic voices you can organise these into favourites lists that can be shared within your company. You can also now assign a synthetic voice to each Role (Character) in a dubbing file making it easier to produce professional dubbing and voice over with no need for a recording studio.

Stellar now supports Microsoft Azure’s speech to text (ASR) engine and you can use this along with any of the other ASR services from Amazon, Apptek, Google, Rev, or Speechmatics.

In Version 6.3 you can now directly edit an even wider range of subtitle file formats including the new IMSC-Rosetta format, the Cavena .890 format, .scc closed caption format, the Ooona ttml format, the .ass Aegisub format and the Videotron Lambda .cap format with full Japanese vertical presentation and rubies support. Direct editing removes the risk of converting between file formats when making small changes. In Stellar you can just open the file, edit and save.

We have improved the features for ESF Audio Description files in Stellar to support backwards compatibility in legacy systems.

All the new features are covered in the Help Manual.

Full release notes here

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From Mr. Neb and
everyone at Yella Umbrella.

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