Yella Umbrella have added new Speech-to-Text services to Stellar. 
The AD, Dubbing, Subtitle and Timed Text editing tool that runs in a browser. 

Yella Umbrella have just updated Stellar to support automatic speech to text (also known as Automatic Speech Recognition or ASR) services

from Amazon, Google and Speechmatics. These are in addition to the existing services from Apptek and

Language support has increased to 63 languages plus 13 dialects of English making automated speech to text a realistic option in most regions.

With accuracy rates reaching 90+ % on clear dialog, ASR is a realistic productivity tool in many localisation and access service workflows.

As well as being used for directly generating draft subtitle or script files ASR, can be used in more imaginative ways.

Stellar now supports automatic gap detection (finding gaps between dialog) to speed up the process of writing Audio Description scripts.

All ASR services produce subtitle files using either their own on Stellar’s subtitle splitting algorithms.

From 24th November all current users will have access to these new services.

See here for pricing information:

Full details on this and all the other changes can be found Here.


Keep safe

From Mr. Neb and
everyone at Yella Umbrella.

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