Automatic dialog removal – from Yella Umbrella and Audioshake

Yella Umbrella and Audioshake have joined forces in a groundbreaking AI technology collaboration that is set to transform the dubbing industry. Their cutting-edge solution addresses one of the major challenges faced by dubbing studios – how to produce top-notch voice-over and lip sync dubbing audio when the original M+E (music and effects) track is unavailable.

Traditionally, dubbing a program into another language meant contending with the presence of the original language dialog in the audio track. Access to the original M+E track, especially with older content or television programs, is a rarity. Conventional approaches involved ‘dipping’ the original dialog and incorporating the new language, but this often led to a loss of vital background effects and music, compromising the overall audio quality.

Leveraging their expertise in music filtering and their remarkable ability to separate vocals and instruments from music tracks, Audioshake now introduces an AI-based dialog removal solution. This innovative technology empowers dubbing studios to automatically generate an M+E track, irrespective of the original material’s availability.

Through seamless integration with Yella Umbrella’s Stellar virtual studio system, this collaborative effort automatically adds a separate M+E track to dubbing projects alongside the original dialog. During script preparation and translation stages, the original dialog proves indispensable, and serves as a reference for actors’ speaking styles during recording. However, when it comes to reviewing and final mixing, the M+E track emerges as the key to delivering a high-quality output.

The impact of this AI dialog removal system will be demonstrated live at the Yella Umbrella stand – 7.P01 and 7.P02 (located in the walkway between Halls 7&8) or at and on the Yella Umbrella YouTube channel –

Experience firsthand how this pioneering collaboration between Yella Umbrella and Audioshake is reshaping the dubbing landscape, elevating audio excellence, and setting new industry standards. Be a part of the future of dubbing with their game-changing AI-powered solution.

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