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Stellar includes a centralized Task Management system.

Assign Task to Stellar users anywhere in the world. Assign work and monitor progress for internal staff or external contract workers.

Just add any Stellar user’s email address to the Task system and assign them work. Full DRM encoding and second factor authentication (2FA) supported for industry leading media security.

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Public or Private Task systems

  • Public Task system available to all Stellar users
  • Assign work to any Stellar user globally
  • Upload Tasks
  • Upload media
  • Private Task system for Enterprise clients

Upload Media and Tasks

  • Create new Task in Stellar
  • Upload to public or private Task system
  • Cloud storage on AWS S3
  • Set Media security level
    • Watermarking
    • Encryption
      • Range of security and encryption systems supported
    • Second factor authentication

Add any Stellar User

  • Add any Stellar user with just their email address
  • Set the users access level to Admin, Manger or User
  • Configure security levels
  • Assign Tasks to one or multiple users

Assigned Tasks

  • Tasks assigned to a user appear in their Task list in Stellar
  • Download Task
  • Progress tracking option as work is done
  • Completed flag to mark Task as finished.
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Custom interfaces

  • Interface to third party workflow solutions
  • Standard APIs available
  • Present Task from your workflow management system into Stellar


  • Media can be streamed or downloaded
  • Multiple media protection options
    • Encryption
    • Watermarking
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Full industry standard DRM.
    • Mediaseal supported.

Click to start using Stellar now with €20 free credit.

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