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Stellar for Subtitling brings together professional subtitle creation and editing tools with AI based web services.

Use the very latest Speech to Text, Text Alignment and Machine Translation to speed up the subtitling process.

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  • Any video format supported.
  • All aspect ratios supported.
  • Full video control and stepping via hotkeys or mouse.
  • Single step with audio scrubbing.
  • Vari speed from x0.25 to x1000 time real-time.

Program audio

  • Multi track audio up to 8 tracks (4 stereo or 8 mono or a combination)
  • Mute and level control
  • Audio scrub on all program audio tracks
  • Waveform display on timeline with click to jump to.

Subtitle Creation and Translation

  • Full range of subtitle authoring tools
  • Support for a wide range of Speech to Text (ASR) services to speed up subtitle creation
  • Use Machine Translation (MT) services to assist in subtitle translation
  • Multi language spell checkers supported.

Subtitle editing

  • Open or convert from a wide range of subtitle and caption file formats
  • Import scripts from spreadsheet formats
  • Editing with split and merge
  • Insert Subtitles on Timeline or in text column
  • Set in and out Time with hotkeys, mouse or drag on timeline
  • Supports almost all world languages and scripts
  • Shortcuts to conform subtitle files to match video edits.

Subtitle QC

  • Powerful automatic QC tools
  • Subtitle file status report
  • Errors and warnings flagged in subtitle editor and status report
  • Filter by errors and warnings
  • Template based QC rules

Subtitle Review

Review in sync with video

  • File status report with statistics
  • Full text visualisation over video
  • Review Play to skip over gaps between subtitles
  • Create file proxies (screeners) with burnt in subtitles
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Subtitle file export

  • Converts subtitle files to and from all subtitle and caption file formats
    • Broadcast
    • Web
    • Digital Cinema
  • Configurable format conversion
  • Cloud storage locations supported

Click to start using Stellar now with €20 free credit.