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Stellar for Subtitling brings a full suite of professional subtitling and captioning tools, directly in your web browser.

Created for professional subtitlers by industry experts.

No specialist equipment required just a PC or Mac to run Stellar for subtitling and captioning in your Chrome browser.

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Create or import subtitle files

  • Directly edit industry standard subtitle file formats
  • Create your subtitle file either from scratch or based on an existing file or script
  • Edit and time the subtitles
  • Optionally use automated tools to align script files to the program audio
  • Preview subtitles in sync with the video
  • Convert to or from a wide range of industry standard file formats

Edit subtitles or captions

  • View subtitles over the video, as text blocks and on the timeline
  • A full range of tools to edit timing and text
    • Timing
    • Split and merge
    • Spell checkers in all languages
  • Full position and justification tools
    • Vertical and horizontal
  • Style and formatting tools for all subtitle formats
    • Open, DVB, Teletext Closed Caption

AI tools for transcription, alignment and translation

  • Use web services for
  • Speech to text to create transcripts or subtitle files directly from an audio track
  • Align untimed scripts using speech to text to create a timed subtitle file
  • Use machine translation to create a draft translation
  • Use machine translation to check the contents of multiple subtitle files during QC
  • Use text detection to find captions and banners in the video and auto shift subtitle positions accordingly.

Templates and QC Tools

  • Templates for subtitle layouts and timing rules
  • Central management for multiple Templates
  • No need to send templates to users
  • Powerful multi template assignment
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Multiple language file support

  • Supports almost all world languages and script systems.
  • Open many language files at the same time
  • Check timing between languages
  • Conform all languages at the same time to match video edits
  • Powerful retiming tools to simplify conforming


  • Media can be streamed or downloaded
  • Multiple media protection options
    • Encryption
    • Watermarking
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Full industry standard DRM.
    • Mediaseal supported.
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Click to start using Stellar now with €20 free credit.