Do you know how many high quality synthetic voices, and by that I mean ones not designed for telephony  there are out there? At least 410, in 24 different languages. The voices come in different styles: male, female, old, young, happy or cross, as well as normal voices there are specials; how about Goblin, Demon or even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?

Yella Umbrella will be demonstrating new functions in Nebula and Stellar to use synthetic voices for Audio Description (Video Description), voice overs, announcements and dubbing.

Mix multiple voices from different suppliers, control voice attributes, speed, intonation and prosody using Speech Mark Up Language (SSML), where supported.

As the quality and range of voices improves and new voice morphing technologies become available the ability to work simply and quickly with all the different voice suppliers in a single tool will be vital.

Come and see, and hear, the new voices all speaking at NAB.

Stand N2731 or arrange an online demo after the show: Contact Us


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