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Providing scalable media processing for transforming, encoding, checking, transcoding and decoding multi-language, multi-format files. Nebula enables a cost-efficient solution to processing files via a scalable pay-per-use model, no long- term commitment or contract, no up-front costs. All with the support of experts in the field of ancillary data, accessibility and language exchange when you need it.

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  • Process your media files anywhere
    • On Prem
    • In the Cloud
    • Or a hybrid combination.
  • Run on any platform
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux

Cloud deployment

  • Use your own  cloud account.
  • Retain full control of you high value assets
  • AWS
    • EC2 processing
    • S3 storage
    • Full security package
  • Other Cloud services supported.


  • Media file processing
    • Encoding, Decoding and multiplexing
    • Overlay burn-in
  • Subtitle and caption encoding and decoding
  • Audio insertion and extraction
  • DVB, Powerview and SCTE-27 Encoding and Multiplexing

Web Services

  • Automatic speech to text
    • Wide range of services
  • Text alignment
    • Auto Align existing transcripts to program dialog
  • Synthetic voices
    • Use machine generated voices for:
      •  Audio description
      • Voice over
      • Dubbing
  • Video content analysis
    • Face detection
    • Face recognition
    • Lip detection
    • Object and logo detection
    • Text extraction

Media Libraries

  • Store your assets in any location
    • Cloud services
      • Access Company or client storage
      • Range of cloud service providers including AWS
    • On-prem storage
      • Use any of your own storage on Windows Mac or Linux servers
      • Access remote storage on clients sites.
    • Secure
      • Encrypted at rest and in flight
      • DRM support


  • Https and encrypted communications
  • Media can be streamed or downloaded
  • Multiple media protection options
    • Encryption
    • Watermarking
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Full industry standard DRM

Click to start using Nebula now with €20 free credit.