IBC 2023 – Only a few days to go!

Subtitling, Closed Captions, Audio Description, Voice Over and Dubbing

Come and see what’s new:- 

 Since the last IBC we have added a host of new features to Stellar that help you create, edit and deliver all forms of media localization and access services.

  • Release of Stellar V6.2 -Full subtitling and closed caption support for all languages, including Japanese (vertical and rubies)
  • Automated Dialog Removal – In collaboration with Audioshake Stellar now supports automated dialog removal so you can produce professional voice-over and dubbing without the original dialog. Come and hear the results at the show.
  • Automated rephrasing of subtitles using ChatGPT
  • Automatic Gap Detection – Speed up the AD scripting process – let Stellar find the gaps in the dialog for you.
  • Cloud based Task Manager – Create and assign work to any Stellar user, anywhere. No more emailing subtitle files or media file transfer applications. Create the Task in Stellar and assign it to any other Stellar user, in your company or a freelancer..
  • Automated workflows. Automate Ingest and Deliver with Stellar Action Manager. –  Simplify the creation of new Tasks, auto create tasks with AI generated draft subtitles or AD files.
  • New Synthetic Voices – Stellar now supports the latest voices (TTS) from Microsoft – come and hear them at the show.
  • Find out about the new IMSC-Rosetta universal subtitle file format.

Stellar provides all the tools you need as well as access to the best available Speech to Text, Synthetic Voices, Machine Translation and ChatGPT services to speed up  your workflows.
We continue to provide all our tools as Pay Per Use – start from just €1 per day. Pay only for what you use, pay nothing on days you don’t use Stellar. No contract, no monthly fee, no lock-in.

Lets Talk!

Pods 7.P01 & 7.P02 – between Halls 7&8 
15 -18 September
@  RAI Amsterdam