New synthetic voices from ElevenLabs

Yella Umbrella are pleased to announce the integration of ElevenLabs synthetic voices into our Stellar tools. ElevenLabs provide a wide range of high quality multi-lingual voices. These voices can speak a wide range of languages and can be adjusted to control the style of speaking.

You can select from ElevenLabs’ large voice library or you can even create a voice model based on your own voice, which will only be available to you.

Come and hear these impressive voices at NAB – West Hall – W3921V

There is a new Synthetic Voice control interface in Stellar to select and adjust the voices you use and how they sound. We have added another synthetic voice supplier to Stellar. ElevenLabs provide some very high quality voices with a range of controls so you can adjust exactly how the voice sounds.  Learn more here

Do you want to add your own custom voices? ElevenLabs support custom voices, this means you can record your own voice and then use it to generate new audio. – If you are interested please contact us to discuss the options..

Now that Stellar supports over 4,000 synthetic voices you can organise these into favourites lists that can be shared within your company. You can also now assign a synthetic voice to each Role (Character) in a dubbing file making it easier to produce professional dubbing and voice over with no need for a recording studio.

Contact Us to arrange an online demonstration.


From Mr. Neb and
everyone at Yella Umbrella.