Micro Services – making those annoying tasks


You know the sort of thing I mean, those tasks that should be simple, but turn out to be a right pain! Just convert this file format to that one or make a proxy video copy from this master; but it’s never that easy. There are always questions about the exact format or what type of conversion you want. Will anything be lost in the conversion? or what audio formats can we convert from? and so on.

As standards evolve and new ones come along does your existing software support them? If not when will we get an upgrade? – how long?!

This is where Micro Services can ride to the rescue. Because you don’t need to buy any software or learn in detail how to run it .Micro Services can provide sharply focused software tools for each specific task. These are usually based on a pay-per-use model therefore you only use them when you have a need and only pay for as much as you use. This makes it ideal for handling peak loads and occasional requirements.

The actual Micro Service software tools are only delivered when you need them and you always get the latest version. If it won’t handle the format you want it can probably be upgraded quickly as each tool is focused on a very specific task. If you can’t find what you need, you don’t pay and this keeps the Micro Service suppliers on their toes and focused on their customers’ needs. That’s got to be a good thing for everyone.