We at Yella Umbrella believe that all subtitlers, voice artists, dubbing engineers and language experts should have easy access to a comprehensive range of professional tools at a reasonable price regardless if they work for a multi-national broadcaster or are an independent freelancer.

We aim to democratise access to tools incorporating the very latest AI services (speech to text, machine translation, synthetic voices, and so on) and make them available to all on a simple pay-per-use basis with no upfront cost and no monthly fee. You only pay for what you use, nothing more.

Let us help you improve your productivity and reduce costs.


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Broadcasters and Content Owners

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What’s New?

Dubbing – with cloned voices and original dialog removal

Automatic dialog removal – from Yella Umbrella and Audioshake

Yella Umbrella partner with Respeecher

Yella Umbrella & ElevenLabs

What we do


Timed Text and Audio

  • All forms of timed text and audio
    • Subtitles and Captions
    • Audio Description
    • Spoken Subtitles
    • Voice over
    • Lip-sync dubbing
    • Audio Mixing
    • Transcripts
    • Timed metadata
  • Create, edit, QC on any platform
    • Mac or Windows
  • Use web services to improve productivity
    • Speech to Text
    • Machine Translation
    • Synthetic voices
    • Text detection and extraction
    • Object and Logo detection
  • From as little as €1 per day – only pay for what you use
    • No up front cost
    • No contract
    • Scale up or down at a moment’s notice


Distributed Microservices

  • Process media files anywhere at any time on any platform
    • Windows (7, 10 & 11)
    • Mac (inc M1)
    • Linux – including AWS EC2
  • Subtitles and media files in all formats
    • All subtitle and caption file formats
    • All video and audio formats
    • Industry standard package formats
    • Delivery formats
      • OTT and Web
      • DVB and Teletext
      • Powerview+ and SCTE-27
      • EIA 608 and EIA-708
  • From €0.20 per file – only pay for what you use
    • No up front cost
    • No contract
    • Scale up or down at a moment’s notice

Download now and get €20 free credit.*

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