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Stellar for Audio Description brings together professional Script creation and editing tools, AI assisted tools and professional audio recording and editing functions.

Use the very latest Speech Detection to find gaps in the dialogue.

Use Synthetic Voices to add variety and speed up production.

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  • Any video format supported.
  • All aspect ratios supported.
  • Full video control and stepping via hotkeys or mouse.
  • Single step with audio scrubbing.
  • Vari speed from x0.25 to x1000 time real-time.

Program audio

  • Multi track audio up to 8 tracks (4 stereo or 8 mono or a combination)
  • Mute and level control
  • Audio scrub on all program audio tracks
  • Waveform display on timeline with click to jump to.

Script creation and editing

  • Import scripts for spreadsheet formats
  • Edit with split and merge
  • Add new titles
  • Set in and out Time
  • Apply Role to each Title
  • Review in sync with video

Automatic Gap detection

  • Use AI based speech detection to find gaps in the dialog
  • Speed up the AD scripting process
  • Reduce time finding space to insert descriptions

Record Audio

  • Single Title, multiple Titles or Loop recording
  • Punch in recording
  • Automatic splitting of long audio takes across multiple Titles.
  • Multiple Takes
  • Trim, Slip, Mute and duplicate individual Takes
  • Remove unwanted Takes
  • Review individual takes or whole segments
  • AD and program audio tracks mutable
  • 48Khz 24 bit professional audio recording.
  • Review mode, skips over baps between Titles

Synthetic Voices

  • Use machine generated voices
  • Over 4000 voices
  • 80 Languages
  • Mix different voices in the same file

Audio Output

  • Mono or Stereo Wav files
  • Dialog only
  • Mix with Program Audio track
  • Mix into mp4 video to create web compatible media with AD.
  • Export as an Audio Job of Script and Audio files
  • Export as a Pro Tools Project (.ptx) file for direct use in Pro Tools.

Click to start using Stellar now with €20 free credit.